Most small businesses are unable to effectively manage and respond to the problems associated with their IT systems

IT is a utility, like water and powerLet’s face it, your IT system doesn’t provide a competitive advantage; it is a competitive necessity. Any inefficiency or downtime of your IT system places you at an immediate disadvantage to your competitors. In addition, your personal time-consuming involvement reacting to problems is the most ineffective and expensive way to resolve IT issues. When an IT problem or requirement arises you should remain focused on your business and pass it to your IT Manager.

Professional IT Management

Remote Monitoring & Management

The IT Utility Company is a professional IT Management provider that has your interest, not only in mind, but also in practice. We do not sell hardware. We do not sell software. We do not sell hourly labor services. We are an augmentation of your company. We respond, analyze, evaluate, and recommend technology based purely on your business requirements. Without any stake in the price or selection of service and product vendor, we provide true objective expertise in support of your business, not in support of your vendor's product lines.

Support Fundamentals

Offsite Remote Backup & Restore

The fundamental principle driving the IT Utility Company is professional management of your IT systems. Issues resolved before they cause problems for your business is the most cost effective solution possible. A professional IT Manager on your side is the most valuable way to avoid IT problems. Pro-action, rather than Re-action allows you to focus on your business, not your water utility… your power utility…or your IT utility.

True Managed Services or Break/Fix?

Application & O/S Patch Management

Many companies are offering what they call Managed Services. However, most Managed Service providers are really break/fix and engineering design companies. They are using their maintenance services as a way to generate support hours, hardware sales, and the latest technology sales, as well as the project management service hours to deploy it. This is a fundamental conflict of interest that inherently runs through every decision and piece of advice that these so called managed services companies present to their clients.

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