The most significant cost of IT is the combination of maintenance and opportunity costs through the lack of preventative management

True Managed Services

The very nature of managed services requires a tailored approach for individual companies. One of the fundamental mistakes large and small companies make is modifying their business activities to conform to the latest technology, rather than develop the business strategy and then apply appropriate technology to support the strategy. The most significant cost of IT is not the original equipment; it is the combination of maintenance and opportunity costs.

Most small business IT systems are underutilized and improperly managed. This is simply because most companies are not IT companies. The IT Utility Company manages the design and maintenance of your IT systems. When a problem occurs we immediately manage the response to resolve the problem.

This results in better business productivity at a lower cost than you can do yourself. True Managed Services is not outsourcing. True Managed Services is granular and flexible. True Managed Services allows you to assign specific IT management responsibilities without relinquishing control of your business operations.

Below are some of the many services and processes that are available to all businesses. The question is which ones are right for your business and who should provide them. A conventional break/fix managed services company will sell you what they and their vendor partners offer. A Professional IT Manager will evaluate the various offerings, choose the appropriate services, and negotiate an acceptable service level agreement at the best price for your company.

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Remote Monitoring & Remediation

The best response to a technical problem is a preventive Pro-sponse. The most significant contributor to system reliability and availability is well-care. Using enterprise level monitoring tools specific metrics, including capacity, performance, availability, and utilization are continuously measured against a baseline to identify deterioration of any component. This provides a proactive response before insufficient system capacity or component failure results in a business disruption.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Offsite Remote Backup & Restore

Backups are the most fundamental activity in any disaster recovery plan. They are also the most common lapse in disaster recovery. In too many cases once the schedule is defined it is forgotten about until someone needs a particular file or a hard drive crashes, only to discover that there is a problem with the backup. We ensure that backups are completed properly and tested for restore functionality. In a worst case scenario offsite backups provide the best avenue to get a business disrupted by physical disaster up and running again quickly.

Offsite Remote Backup & Restore

Vendor Management

No one vendor can realistically provide all the expertise and experience required to address every situation. Best practice demands that the right resource be applied to the right problem. However, this requires effective management to ensure that the various vendors are working in concert with each other and in tune with your business objectives. When a problem requiring specialized expertise arises we will manage the logistics between vendors, holding each vendor accountable to your business.

Vendor Management

Virus/Spyware Security Management

Vandals are relentless in their attempt to disrupt computer systems. There are many effective tools to identify, prevent, and remove the results of their attacks. However, without an equally relentless, timely and validated application of the virus definition files these tools are ineffective. ITU ensures that these definition files are applied in a timely, effective, and documented manner.

Virus & Spyware Security Management

Application and O/S Patch Management

Operating systems and applications are under continuous development. This is partly the result of new functionality and partly the result of the response to widespread vandalism and security attacks against structural vulnerabilities. Regardless, the failure to evaluate and apply these patches systematically and thoroughly is a major cause of system downtime. We ensure that the patches applied appropriately in the manner specified by the policy and procedure plan customized for your company.

Application & O/S Patch Management

Asset & Lifecycle Inventory Management

All equipment will eventually deteriorate. The goal is to wring out as much productivity and ROI as possible with each device. This can range from a detailed product acquisition to disposition plan tied to depreciation schedules defined in your accounting methods, to a simple baseline metric that identifies an end of life designation and replacement for an individual device. Regardless, Asset and Lifecycle management begins with Inventory Management. Your reports include itemized detail of all the devices in your IT system.

Asset & Lifecycle Inventory Management

IT and Business Objective Planning

Each quarter your ITU virtual IT Manager sits down with you to evaluate your business and technology alignment and to measure your existing plan against your current competitive environment. This meeting includes an overview of technology trends verses fashions, review of outstanding issues based upon monitoring reports, your potential initiatives, review of internal projects, and a review of your best practices and policies in regard to IT.

IT & Business Objective Planning

Regular On-Site Well-Care Visits

Remote monitoring and management is very effective and significantly lowers the TCO for technology, but it will never completely replace hands-on maintenance. We make sure that clients are visited on a regular basis to ensure that the physical elements of support are addressed, such as cleaning, location, power, and introduction of inappropriate objects. In addition, the interaction and collection of the user’s perceptions of how technology helps or hinders their tasks is essential to the overall evaluation of their business objectives and technology. The knowledge collected from this regular interaction contributes to the quarterly meeting between your ITU virtual IT Manager and you to discuss the past and plan for the future.

Regular On-Site Well-Care Visits

Comprehensive Reporting

Reports are essential to document and communicate to vendors, customers, and regulatory agencies that best practice efforts of mitigating security and privacy issues are being followed by your company. I’m sure that the current requirements demanded by the business regulatory agencies that affect your business give credence that this area will broaden and will increase rather than decrease. But beyond regulatory risk mitigation, effective technology decisions cannot be made without a clear understanding of your current environment. For example, you need to know whether you have a capacity problem or a utilization problem before you can make cost-effective decisions.

Comprehensive Reporting

RFP Development and Response Analysis

When a business requirement demands new equipment we will help analyze the business and technological issues. ITU will help develop an RFP, evaluate the response, and help select the appropriate partner. ITU will then help manage the vendor deployment, holding them accountable to the deployment plan. Since we don’t sell hardware or software, we can be objective providing the proper trusted advisor role to ensure your best interests are supported.

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RFP Development & Response Analysis

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